Our VocationalWorkshop

Above All Recovery Center is proud to introduce "The Shop" a unique, one of a kind experience, found only at AARC. We understand that the clinical process to overcoming your addiction can be emotionally, physically and spiritually draining so we created "The Shop" a place for our clients to take a break from the traditional therapy and relieve the stress produced from groups and therapy sessions and have some fun! "The Shop" provides a safe and productive outlet for our residents to express their creativity, for others to find it and give back so the ones behind them have the same chance. Arts and crafts, living wall art, graffiti, woodworking, painting, and even learn how to build a motorcycle from scratch are just a few things created at the shop. We have tapped into a "creative therapy" allowing our clients to find themselves while reducing stress and building self worth at the same time. We can assure you that you will not find anything like "The Shop" at any other treatment facilities. We hope you join us on the road to a happy destiny.